Order Policy

PURCHASE ORDERS: All orders must be written. All changes must be confirmed in writing. Changes will affect the original ship date, and are subject to any incurred charges.

TERMS: Net 30 days to approved established accounts. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for payment when or before product ships. First orders and samples are billed to credit card.

BLANK GOODS: All products are available blank. Deduct $.75 (R) per unit from listed 1 color price (does not apply to embroidery orders). Minimum quantity is 1 case.

RANDOM / BLANK SAMPLES: EQP (less 20% for product if paid by C.C.) plus freight.

CO-OP PROGRAMS: Will be extended EQP providing at least first column quantity is ordered for each release.  All other applicable charges are as per the standard catalog pricing. All Co-Op purchase orders must clearly state “Co-Op Program”.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will be accepted only before production begins, and are subject to a $50 (V) cancellation charge plus any incurred art or proof charges.

EXACT COUNTS: Although we attempt to ship the exact quantity ordered we reserve the right to ship and bill up to 5% over or under the specified quantity.

DISCLAIMER: All stated bag sizes are approximate. Finished goods may vary plus or minus 1/2 inch on any dimension.  Due to variations in fabric finishing, we cannot guarantee exact color matches on repeat orders. Submission of your order constitutes an agreement based upon our Terms and Conditions regardless of terms and conditions on your purchase order. The logos, insignias, and trademarks shown as imprints on products in this catalog are used as examples only and are not for resale, nor do they imply endorsement by or for the trademark owners.

TRADEMARKS: By submitting artwork for imprinted orders, the purchaser warrants its authorization to use any included