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101 How to sell camp chairs?

Every Monday through Friday, Sales Managers, HR Directors, CEO's, and everyone in-between turn into parents and family members of Little Leaguers, campers, hunters, fishers, and more. There are well over 100 million outdoor seating opportunities in the U.S. every year!

Think about it:
41,000,000 kids in youth sports (most kids have at least 1-3 family/friends along to watch)
13,000,000+ camp nights each year (gender split 50/50)
Over 2,500 outdoor music festivals (avg. attendance over 1000)
100,000 elementary/secondary school sports

The facts surrounding these statistics is that these people are your customers! Like most of us, you are responding to your customer's requests for traditional promotional product ideas with an approving nod, not wanting to rock the boat if they already know what they want. In reality, people would much rather receive an item they can use with family and friends, than something else to use at the office or not use at all! The Brentwood Line has a complete line of folding camp chairs to match any size person or any pocketbook.

102 What to look for in a quality camp chair?

"Will this chair hold me? Can this chair support a "big" man? How do your chairs differ from the rest? These are questions we hear daily. Many of these questions come from previous experience, where the chair failed to live up to the hype. The fact is that not all chairs are manufactured the same. Our chairs are constructed to the highest quality. You will hear the term "tag rating" when describing a chair's quality, and to some extent, this is helpful, but it is not the whole story! Most failures happen at the arms of the chair. All Brentwood chairs have steel on the armrest that undergoes a unique hardening process. We have custom machines to form the exceptional amount of bend required to the arms.

You won't find a chair in our lineup that is under 300 lb tag rating. 

301 What makes a better cooler?

Have you ever had a beverage cooler leak on the back seat of your car, or anywhere else for that matter? You are not alone. Many distributors shy away from selling soft side coolers for that reason. They think, “They all leak.”

Brentwood coolers have a higher standard.  All our coolers are double heat sealed at every seam and carry a 5 year “No Leak” guarantee! You will not find that anywhere else in the promotional products industry. A number of our top-of-the-line coolers are insulated with closed-cell foam insulation, and the rest use extra thick open-cell foam. We recently conducted a temperature retention test on several different styles. We filled the coolers with ice and left them outside in the summer. The last bit of ice melted at the 40-hour mark in the test! Brentwood coolers will exceed your expectations!

401 Camouflage has a BIG market.

Americans hunt a combined 282 million times a year. That is an average of 21 days out hunting a year per hunter! There is a HUGE market for quality camo gear! Brentwood Line has over 30 RealTree® products to make sure you hit your target! We have everything from coolers, camping chairs, and shell bags!

501 More than a logo.

As a promotional product distributor, what are you selling? Are you selling T-shirts, padfolios, and caps, or are you selling “Billboard Value”? Are you helping your customers see that those T-shirts, padfolios, and hats are merely vehicles that carry that all-important Logo and Image?

If you are the professional that’s helping your customers focus on maximizing their Billboard Value, you are in an elite minority. Most salespeople are merely responding to a commodity item that will satisfy the moment. You can add value to the sales process and make your customers more dependent on you and your services by looking past the product.

The Brentwood Line is Billboard Value “friendly.”  Many promotional products are not only lacking in billboard value; they are even out of sight when in their natural places such as a desk, pocket, or purse.

The Brentwood Line of Outdoor Active Gear carries a company’s “Image as well as it’s Logo.” Brentwood chairs, blankets, coolers, and bags will yield as many or more “advertising hits” than any other product line in the industry!

601 Who is a prospect?

From time to time, we encounter the question, “who buys folding camp chairs, or picnic sets, or camouflage gear.” The answer is every one of your customers! Your customers are everyday people who spend their weeks in the office or plant environment but also have lives that involve Little League baseball/soccer, outdoor festivals, camping, hunting, fishing, etc. If you fall prey to the idea that there might not be much potential with outdoor leisure products in the B2B world, there are statistics that say otherwise, and this statement only pertains to chairs!  

Statistics show there are well over 100,000,000 (100 million) outdoor seating opportunities per year for corporate logos to be at work spreading awareness at leisure activities!

In the next few weeks, you will come to see; if you are not showing Brentwood Outdoor Active Gear, you are leaving money on the table!