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Better Products.
Better Service.
No Headaches.

Brentwood Line creates promotional products you can be proud to show your client. Whether your order is 24 pieces or 10,000 pieces, our customer service team is ready to take the stress out of fulfilling your order.


As low as $19.95 R


As low as $53.95 R


As low as $17.50 R

Have a question? Talk to a real person.

Do you need to know stock down to the minute, a product suggestion, stock colors or eta on a shipment? Our outstanding customer service department is ready to assist you with anything you need to take the headache out of fulfilling a order for your customer. Give us a call at 1-888-777-3419 or email us at

Have a question but you're more of a diy-er?

For stock down to the minute you will still need to speak with our customer service team, but for everything else, here are some links!